More than a decade ago a group of biochemists and scientists lead by M.D. Ruth Oltjer, an Estonian doctor of Internal Medicine, began to search for skincare and personal care products that respect skin’s natural defense system and are based on natural ingredients. At first creams and lotions for hospital use were developed and after good results were received on damaged skin (extreme dryness, bedsores, scaling) a full line of sophisticated, quickly absorbing and easy to use products for all skin types was born.

“There are so many products in today’s world. We have created a line that is luxurious and sophisticated, absorbs instantly and consists of natural ingredients. From us to You, with love and care.“
Ruth Oltjer, founder of D’DIFFERENCE

It is a different kind of skincare, based on a scientific and medical approach, sophisticated and in touch with nature! Good and constant care will work miracles. Let your skin say “Thank you!”, no matter your age or skin type. Thanks to modern and innovative production technologies all ingredients have been processed into a form which is the most efficient to our skin’s cell structure while at the same time, all valuable properties of natural ingredients have remained. Regular use of D`DIFFERENCE and D`DIFFERENCE FOR MEN products make your skin more soft, youthful and bright.

D`DIFFERENCE and D`DIFFERENCE FOR MEN skincare line is produced following GMP, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements.  We also have joined Green Energy and therefore support the comprehensive utilization of renewable energy sources. The line is DERMATOLOGICALY tested. The eye products and our best selling face products have been tested on sensitive skin. All products passed marketability tests with the respected Eurofins company. Now we can proudly say that all the product labels have been analyzed, concentrations of ingredients checked with the comparison of the INCI list, product claims reviewed very thoroughly. We have done this, to protect you, who believe that products should be formulated using clinically proven concentration of each active ingredient, to cater for evidence based results.

We believe that consistent care can provide changes in skin quality you can see and feel, and we believe in the power of nature to bring these results. Our aim is to become a cult brand with the clear message that we do not sleep before the world knows that it is our sole goal to find the right products for every individual that make them WANT to take those 5 minutes every morning and evening for their skincare rituals. We love to create a brand that creates desire!

Enjoy your journey through our product range! You can download our product catalog here.

ISO9001 and UKASGreenEnergy

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AS Chemi-Pharm
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Saku vald
Tänassilma küla, 76406
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