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    Skincare tested on all skin types, in all climates, across all continents

  • Get natural- and high-performance in a single product


    Skincare tested on all skin types, in all climates, across all continents


„Although I am engaged in business, I am first and foremost a doctor. I still practice medicine because helping patients is the most gratifying thing I do. Also, I sometimes find that my most challenging cases provide impetus for new product creation. And everything I learn in medicine I put into the products D'DIFFERENCE creates“


D'DIFFERENCE is the science of skincare. Invented by an MD, developed by chemists in our own labs, and produced with cold-mixing technology, our active ingredients are 100-percent natural.

We use organic ingredients when possible, but we are not blindly devoted to them — what best creates healthy skin is maintaining the skin’s proper pH level. Our credo: minimum ingredients make for maximum impact.

D'DIFFERENCE is a natural version of products originally created for use by physicians to solve acute clinical problems. True to our medical roots, D'DIFFERENCE products are formulated through evidence-based results from extensive testing, yet our Nordic heritage means we embrace the natural, living as part of nature, never separate.

In this age of eco, it seems everyone with a kitchen is creating skincare products. But we take pride in the fact that ours are backed by science, meet ISO 9001 production standards, and leave the skin healthy both inside and out.


Thousands of hours have gone into the development and testing of D'DIFFERENCE products, so use them as recommended in order to get the maximum benefit and the most visible results.

Follow the routines we prescribe, even though applying cream probably isn’t your first priority when you’re tired in the evening. You don’t need much D'DIFFERENCE – less is often more – but taking a few minutes in the evening will result in glowing skin, as well as peace of mind.

It’s important to know that cleansing is the most important step in your skincare routine. An expensive cream is not a cure-all, and it can only do its work if the skin has been properly cleaned and prepared.


Remember to apply creams with the ring fingers of both hands, which is your hands’ softest skin. Pat, never drag, as skin on skin does harm. This is especially important when it comes to eye creams!



The goal of skincare is to ensure our skin’s best functioning. Depending on skin type or skin condition and its pecularities, different climate and weather conditions, a choice of right and suitable skincare product, is essential to condsider.
Whatdo you need to know about different skin types?

A person is said to have a NORMAL SKIN when skin’s natural lipid and moisture levels are balanced. The skin looks soft and smooth and skin pores are almost invisible. FYI – this balance almost never happens in real life and it is so sad. How to treat it? Normal skin needs hydration and moisture! Daily care is so important, in order to maintain this beautiful tone and complexion – a mild cleanser (I suggest a milk that can be washed off), a hydrating toner, a balancing moisturizer, and eye creamExfoliate your skin once per week and follow up with a moisturizing mask once or twice per week.

DRY SKIN lacks sebum. It is identified when the skin surface is rough, flaky and easily responsive to weather conditions. Thin too. With pale and grayish complexion. In case of dry skin premature ageing signs become visible, especially around the eyes and lips. An interesting fact is, that dry skin does not absorb products easily. At times, the skin can become so dry that eczema develops. Skin is more likely to react to products and it can make you feel as if no skincare product is suitable for you. Sounds bad…good news, skincare comes handy and it works!How to treat it? Look for moisturizers that have a word nourish in their product descriptions. Other than that cleanse with a milk, follow up with a hydrating toner, use enzymatic or acid peel(no beads for you!) at least 2 times per week, use a serum twice daily, keep your day care and night care separate. Your skin needs pampering to the max, soothing and hydrating masks are highly recommended! There is no sleeping mask in our product line, but if your dry skin needs to recover and regenerate healthy tissue, we can recommend a balm.

DEHYDRATED SKIN lacks water. It looks dull, feels tight and can often be sensitive. Sometimes it may over-produce oil to compensate and this results in breakouts. The pores can be both – large and small. Dehydrated skin absorbs products very quickly. It affects your make up as well, since the skin absorbs water from the foundation and skin can look patchy. How to treat it? The best way to provide moisture deep in the skin is to use a serum. If you are shiny, while at the same time feel dry, you shouldn’t use a heavy moisturizer.  Instead you should use a light moisturizer plus a rehydrating serum underneath. That is the trick! We suggest exfoliating once or twice per week followed by a moisturizing mask. Choosing a cleanser can be tricky – we suggest using a milk that can be washed off if you love the clean feel that comes with washing. Then a toner, twice daily as for all other skin types.

SENSITIVE SKIN is not a skin type. It is a skin condition that may occur at any time of your life. Therefore, you should also consider your skin type when selecting products. Emotions, wrong products and outside factors may easily influence it. The following reactions may occur – skin redness, roughness, visible capillaries, etc. Skin’s natural fat excretion and moisture level are usually low. Histamine release, a process that happens in the skin and shows as reddness on the skin, needs to be taken under control. Eczema and rosacea are also types of sensitive skin but they require special treatment. Rosacea is a disease of small capillaries. Eczema is an inflammation in the outer layers of the skin, especially the epidermis. All types of eczema are characterized by itching, which is the best indicator of eczema. Choosing a right skin care product is very important. Look for niacinamide in your routine. All products should be gentle and soothing.

OILY SKIN is identified when there is a little oily luster on the skin caused by intensive fat excretion. The skin itself may look pale with yellow tone and pores are visible. There are many causes for getting oily skin, but some of the most common ones are: hormonal, genetic or a result of using wrong skincare products. Oily skin may cause pimples and acne. Sadly. How to treat it? Rule number one is – do not dry out your skin! If you allow the surface of your skin to become dry, then signals are sent out to your body, and in turn, the body will begin to produce even more sebum. This is a very common mistake, unfortunately not so easy to fix. Hydrating with light and quickly absorbing products is important. We would recommend bathing in hyaluronic acid if this could be possible;-) Effective but gentle cleansers, acid toners, mild exfoliators,  balancing and calming serums together with light emulsions make the difference. With the “happy” combination of oily and mature skin, we recommend hydrating creams from our Cell Innovation line. When your skin becomes oily during the day, you can use blotting papers.

ACNE is a skin condition that can be caused by:
– Hormones – related to women`s monthly cycle and menopause. It can cause what we call adult acne – over production of oil and due to dead skin cells slower shedding pimples can appear and they can be agressive.
– Bacteria – Propionibacterium Acnes is the bacteria that gives this skin condition a name – all it needs is the perfect environment to spread. When you see red cysts, do not try to pick them! It does not help and they leave a scar. They have to be treated with special products.
-Inflammation –caused by stress or food or some illness.
-Sensitivities – allergies, reactions to products, reactions to foods/environment
Every skin is different, but with acne you need to pay extra attention to the hydration of your skin and exfoliation is important too. Go to your dermatologist for advice and in case of prescribed antibiotics, use probiotics for counteraction. Do not put toothpaste or vodka on pimples (shivers…), exfoliate! AHA acids (lactic, glycolic, malic etc) and BHA acid (salicylic acid) are all good. Last but not least – your food! There is a lot of info related to the subject, read and if you find it necessary consult with specialists to find your regime.

The majority of people have COMBINED SKINIt means that skin looks oily on face’s T-zone (forehead, nose) areas, but dry around the cheeks. The first wrinkles usually form on dry areas. Tricky? Yes, but again hydration and lightness of the product work well. How to treat it? Make sure that you cleanse well, tone with a hydrating mist, exfoliate 1-2 times per week, use a hydrating serum and a light moisturizer.

„DEMANDING” or MATURE SKIN can be determined as following – dry areas, poor elasticity, premature ageing signs, unbalanced moisture and fat levels, skin irritation due to stress, inappropriate weather conditions and inefficient skincare. People usually talk about lines and wrinkles. They are formed when collagen fibers age and harden. The hardening occurs mainly due to UV-radiation, environmental pollution and free radicals. Free radicals are dangerous oxygen molecules that attack cells.  In order to look and feel good, go for good cleansers, effective serums, immediate effect masks and replenishing skincareDay and night creams are suggested to be chosen separately! Peels are good too, acidic or enzymatic 2-3 times per week!

In D`DIFFERENCE and D`DIFFERENCE FOR MEN lines, you will find solutions for all skin types. No worries;-)
One piece of advice for all skin types and conditions-Avoid mineral oil (paraffinum liquidum), silicones, PEGs, colourants in care products. The natural alternatives are available and much better.

As we are not pshycics (and that is unfortunate) then please contact us for personal consultation and samples at:

Please remember – Acclimating to new lines and new products takes about 2-8 weeks. You are waiting for results and it seems ages but there is nothing we can do about it. At first, your skin may become worse – it may become dry and some pimples may form. This is a part of the adjusting process and it is normal. Still, you should never tolerate a lasting sense of discomfort. If discomfort lasts, you should stop the treatment and contact a skin therapist. What can you do to avoid this?
Week 1: Wait 2-3 days after the first application. Thereafter, apply once every other day.
Week 2: Apply every other day morning and/or night depending on the specifics of the product.
Week 3: Apply every day morning and/or night depending on the specifics of the product.

We usually recommend that you start with cleanser and cream and wait a week before adding a serum. The week guide applies specially to all high quality and slightly more active and more concentrated skincare products. It especially applies to products that contain acids, vitamins A, C, peptides, stem cells.


D'DIFFERENCE and D'DIFFERENCE FOR MEN products contain a great variety of natural oils, each of them having its own valuable and unique properties. Our products do not contain parabens and mineral oils, PEGs, silicones and artificial colour. For raw material processing and mixing of the components, only cold-mixing method is used to ensure the best qualities of the production.

Innovation and new approach in D'DIFFERENCE and D'DIFFERENCE FOR MEN cosmetics

HYDRESIA® emulsion* consists of natural oleosomes from safflower seeds and its function is to retain the healthy level of moisture and nutrients in the skin. Safflower oleosomes act as natural water and nutrients reservoirs. When skin needs additional moisturizing or nutrition, oleosomes help to release them gradually, making the skin look youthful and bright during longer periods. It can be said that due to HYDRESIA® emulsion, all our products have time-release system. A main ingredient in the majority of our products, purchased from Canada, tested on all continents, different skin types and ages. It has excellent performance and skin tolerance, we absolutely adore it!
*ECOCERT approved

Plant-Derived Stem Cells Extract, included in D'DIFFERENCE Cell Innovation products and D'DIFFERENCE FOR MEN Age Difference Face Cream, is a very efficient anti-ageing component. It stimulates collagen synthesis and renewal of skin cells, decreases the depth and length of wrinkles and prevents formation of new wrinkles. Plant-derived stem cells extract, processed in a way that all valuable properties of stem cells have been retained, is the most unique and innovative approach in natural anti-ageing skin care products.

Collagen is a natural protein that provides our bodies with structural support — the fibrous, elastic, connective tissue in our bodies that holds us together. Collagen is part of the natural make-up of our tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles, hair, skin, etc. As we age, the production of collagen in our body slows down. On the outside, we see our skin start to wrinkle and lose its youthful radiance due to the breakdown of connective tissue. Since plant stem-cell component has the potency of collagen production promotion and cell activation, you can expect your skin to rejuvenate. The component is an excellent functional material for cosmetics enabling substantial cell activation and collagen synthesis to improve fine wrinkles.

Persian Silk Tree Extract*
For the first time in the cosmetics industry, an active ingredient demonstrates a lifting action on sagging upper eyelids. It offers a gentle alternative
to invasive surgery, lifts the upper eyelid,
reduces crow’s feet wrinkles, fades away dark circles and diminishes puffiness.
*ECOCERT approved

Peptides, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and
Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7,"attack" the dark circles. These powerful peptides reinforce firmness and tone of the eye area, as well as activate the elimination of blood originated pigments responsible for dark circle colour and local inflammation. It is one of the most efficent ingredients and works by absorbing the pigment in the blood that causes the color to form. The results will be visible to the naked eye.  Repeated use can help reduce the appearance of discoloration at an amazing clip.

Palmitoyltripeptide-8 Inflammation is a major concern in skincare. In short term it causes skin hypersensitivity and itching and in long term it causes premature aging. The powerful peptide has a direct impact on vasodilation and thus may
reduce redness and swelling. It inhibits a major inflammatory mediator for a powerful anti-inflammatory response. It also provides a fast action to reduce burning and irritated skin sensations.

Whitening Compound* is a multifunctional skin lightener for all skin types which significantly reduces the color and size of age spots, decreases and cleaves pigmentation. All D'DIFFERENCE White Beauty products include 7 most effective natural whitening extracts, which are selected from 100 different plants.
*ECOCERT approved

Hyaluronic Acid* is found in every human body. It is the key component of the extracellular matrix, which is the space filler of supporting scaffold cells. It allows skin cells to retain moisture and stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, it also transports nutrients in the blood to skin cells, serves as a cushion to lubricate and protect skin against damage. Hyaluronic acid fights aging by simulating new cell growth, collagen and elastin production, this function helps to reduce existing wrinkles and prevent future ones. This multifunctional component reduces irritation from various causes, while it promotes healing and fights inflammation processes in the skin. Last but not least, it serves as the free radical scavenger and antioxidant, helping to protect the skin from aging effects of excessive sunlight exposure.
We use this “miracle component” in different molecular weights, in order to influence all layers of the skin.
*ECOCERT approved

Hyaluronic Acid Crosspolymer
A unique cross-linked non-animal form of hyaluronic acid that delivers water and water-soluble actives, helping to maintain water content of the skin with continued use. It forms a cross-linked network on the skin surface, providing long lasting moisturizing effect due to its good stability. It increases elasticity and reduces roughness. An excellent protective film that allows for smaller-sized technologies to remain effective topically, this 3D "breathable" layer prevents the skin damage caused by external aggressions like UV rays, dust and pollution.

Rosa Centifolia Extract New solution extracted and prepared from Rosa Centifolia petals. It prevents the formation of wrinkles, keeps the skin supple and reduces skin inflammation after sunburn by inhibiting the activity of hyaluronidase, an enzyme that decomposes hyaluronic acid. Extract from Rosa Centifolia petals has antioxidant properties, which protect the skin from environmental damage and ageing. It has the ability to calm the skin and tone down redness.

Furcellaria lumbricalis Red Algae Extract from the Baltic Sea, is a powerful protector against free radical damage, it also prevents the formation of an enzyme that causes the deprivation of collagen. Amino acids in algae firm and renew tissue while fatty acids fight inflammation, unify the complexion and make the surface of the skin smooth, soft and silky.

Flower Acids® are obtained from chalices of a subtropical Hibiscus sabdariffa. We use only beige petals, harvested in winter, to ensure the best quality due to their high organic acid content. Pyruvic acid present in FLOWERS ACIDS® has proved high efficacy with the absence of irritation. Flower acids improve skin structure and its brightness, decrease ageing signs, wrinkles and dark spots. They also decrease sebum production and improve hydration.

AQUAXYL™ is an "anti-dehydration shield” that reinforces the synthesis of essential lipids and proteins involved in the organisation of the corneus layer. Offers the 3D hydration hydraconcept for circulation of moisture throughout all skin layers and boosting of hyaluronic acid. The skin barrier is reinforced in 24 hours by limiting water loss. Results are softer smoother skin in 28 days with normal desquamation and smoothing of fine lines.
*ECOCERT approved

Niacinamide (vitamin B3) is a very stable vitamin which offers a wide range topical benefits. It helps to get rid of pimples and acne problems. It is also a popular and widely used skin-lightening ingredient.
However, its activity profile goes far beyond this: niacinamide may enhance the efficacy of products designed for blemished skin, dry and sensitive skin or anti-wrinkle treatment. Latest data on the protection potential of niacinamide  for UV challenged skin makes it the ideal candidate for day care, it also protects us from the harmful effects of blue light (computers, phones etc.)

Depending on the percentage added, niacinamide offers different effects: 
● 2-3% protects from city pollution, moisturises and soothes, restores skin’s protective ability
● 4% minimises pimples and spots (in addition to aforementioned qualities)
● 5% anti-ageing properties and evens out  skin tone  (in addition to aforementioned qualities)

Spent Grain Wax & Shea Butter & Argan Oil* a powerful combination of natural active ingredients offers not only alleviation of itching, but according to dermatological tests, the ingredient combination stopped it recurring. Stressed skin’s red appearance  is substantially diminished, leaving the skin looking healthy and feeling soothed.
*ECOCERT approved and NATRUE certified.

Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil) is a light and well-absorbing oil, especially good for dry and sensitive skin. The oil helps to improve the blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, while stimulating collagen synthesis and skin cells’ renewal. Due to its warming and muscle tension relieving properties, the oil is widely used also as a massage oil. Most of D'DIFFERENCE and D'DIFFERENCE FOR MEN creams and lotions contain sweet almond oil.

Bergamot Oil (Citrus Aurantium Bergamia Fruit Oil) has a cooling, vitalizing and refreshing as well as antiseptical properties. Like all other citric oils, it trims skin tissues.

Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil) consists of fatty acids, which are especially useful for dry, sensitive or damaged skin. It also contains oleic acids, vitamins A, B, D, E and plenty of minerals and lecithin, which are all very valuable skin nourishing components. The oil is well-absorbing and helps to maintain a natural moisture level of the skin.

Jojoba Seed Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil) moisturizes and softens the skin. In addition, it has antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and even healing properties (relieves acne and eczema problems, swellings and insect bites). Jojoba seed oil helps to maintain elasticity of the skin.

Grape Seed Oil (Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil) consists of antioxidative polyphenols which help to reduce ageing signs. The oil holds anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties and provides excellent protection against free radical damage. 

Argan Oil is advocated as a moisturizing oil, effective against flaking of the skin. This oil has also medicinal uses against rheumatism and healing of burns. The oil is used in the treatment of mature skin. In D'DIFFERENCE series argan oil is used for its replenishing and smoothing purposes.

Dead Sea Minerals have plenty of valuable properties – they regulate skin metabolism and balance the skin structure. Dead Sea minerals include sulfur, which is natural antioxidant and stimulates collagen synthesis and cells metabolism; the potassium and sodium which regulate skin`s moisture balance and help to carry out toxins ; chlorine, iodine and magnesium which help to intensify cell metabolism; calcium, which is required for retaining the strength of cells structure and for cleansing pores; bromine, which is actually a natural antibiotic, etc. In addition, Dead Sea minerals in cosmetics, act as natural preservatives.




The Nordic region is known for its pure air and pristine nature. Around 55 percent of Estonia is forested, due in part to our reverence for all things natural. Estonians love to walk in forests, swim in clean lakes, and knowledge of edible plants is passed down through the generations.

This Nordic love of nature is an integral part of D’DIFFERENCE’s philosophy, as well. It’s why we choose the simplest, purest approach to skin care – our products offer everything the skin needs and no more. Because to live simply and purely is to live well.

It is particularly difficult to get glowing skin in Nordic conditions. The climate constantly changes, and skin changes accordingly. What skin needs most is to get back in balance, which is the very basis for healthy skin. D’DIFFERENCE products are formulated to restore that balance under the most difficult climatic conditions.




Traditionally, the men use skincare products only when there is a problem – skin is too dry, there is redness and scaling or the skin is oily, has pimples and acne. As men’s skin is more thick in structure than women’s skin, in seven cases out of ten there are no visible or tangible problems. Thus, the wide range of beauty arsenal leaves the men indifferent and the shelves upon shelves of products wait for the women to take them home for their partners. That is not a bad thing either, as relying on my vast experience and when looking around among my acquaintances, I see more and more men who like to use skincare products after women have brought them home, and they often acknowledge and feel the difference, with or without the cream.


The word „anti-ageing“ has been the most frequently used term in skin care during the past decades. In the 90s the big brands had their anti-ageing series being advertised extensively but often the women in Estonia (at that time almost all men started laughing and joking around when they heard about creams for men) who could afford to buy them, were making sour faces at the topic of ageing. They would often ask: “Am I already that age?“ or „Do I look old?“


Tallinn Design House (TDH) brandbook offers a comprehensive overview of Estonian designer brands represented in Tallinn Design House.The book also tells the story of Tallinn, hometown of Tallinn Design House and about Estonia, our beautiful country. As a bonus, a CD of specially-selected new Estonian music is included, which complements the visual experience.


Päikese kohta võin kindlasti öelda veel seda, et kõige tundlikum on nahk just esimestel ranna-või sportimispäevadel. Seda seepärast, et melaniin, mis asub naha ülemises kihis epidermises, ja tagab pruuni värviga nahale kaitsevõimekuse, pole veel nahapinnale tõusnud. Olenevalt nahatüübist, võtab melaniini tõusmine naha pinnale aega 2-7 päeva. Silmaga näeme me seda nii, et osad inimesed muutuvad pruuniks kiiresti ja teistel võtab see kauem aega. Kui nahk on juba jumekas, siis ei põle me enam kergesti ära. Seega, kaitsekreeme peaks olema mitu – suurema faktoriga hooaja alguses ja väiksemaga keskel. Mõnel looduslikul ainel on ka võime kaitsta nahka UVB kiirte põletava mõju eest – näiteks Surnumere mineraalid, roosiekstrakt. Need komponendid on olemas mitmetes nahahooldustoodetes. • • #ddifferencebrand #ddifference
Päikesekaitset pakkuvad ja nahka kaitsevad keemilised komponendid „söövad ära“ kallite ja efektiivsete näokreemide koostisainete mõju. Samuti kahaneb SPF-i toime ajaga. Las näohooldustooted teevad oma tööd: niisutavad, toidavad, pinguldavad, muudavad naha klaariks jms. Päikesekaitsetoodete puhul tuleb jälgida, et nendes sisalduks UVA (kaitseb vananemise ja radiatsiooni eest) kui UVB kaitse (kaitseb põletuse eest), ning et UVA-märgistuse ümber oleks pakendile märgitud ring. • • #ddifferencebrand #ddifference
Suvel muutuvad igapäevaseks klientide küsimused päevakreemi ja SPF faktori sümbioosi ja sobivuse kohta. Mina ütlen selle teema kohta selgelt ja kõlavalt nii – kasutage rahumeeli oma lemmikkreemi ja päikesekaitsetoodet eraldi! • • #ddifferencebrand #ddifference
Päevakreem valige vastavalt oma naha vajadustele. Kõige tähtsam naha jaoks on niiskus ja pidev naha niisutamine ehk “time-release system”. • • #ddifferencebrand #ddifference #nahaniisutamine
Päike võib olla agressiivne peegeldudes tagasi klaasilt ja teistelt pindadelt. UVA kiirgus neeldub sügavale ja põhjustab naha enneaegset vananemist, elastsuse kadu ja kudede nõrgenemist. UVB kiirgus põhjustab nahapõletusi, kui nahk on kaitsmata. Läbi klaasi neeldub just UVA kiirgus ning spordiklubide suurte akende ees trenažööril harjutades või kontoris akna lähedal päikese käes istudes, tasuks seda meeles pidada! • • #ddifferencebrand #ddifference #nõuanded

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