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6D Royal Beauty

Royal Beauty line is designed for a skin that needs unifying and radiance, elasticity and softness, hydration and nutrients. 6D series is the top achievement of our chemists and product developers by combining the latest peptides and polypeptides, hyaluronic acid with 3 different molecular weights, the most effective vitamins, the best moisturizers and floral acids. 

5D Cell Innovation

Cell Innovation line has proved that natural ingredients do have anti-ageing power. Plant derived stem cells in 5D series are wonderful energy boosters, able to keep our skins tone and elasticity, and prevent wrinkles by having a firming effect.

4D Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty line is suitable for all skin types and all ages. Formulated with patented HYDRESIA® emulsion, silk proteins, a cocktail of natural oils and Dead Sea minerals. These powerful ingredients are in the core of our formulations and give our products a 4D effect – they moisturize, nourish, activate cell metabolism and protect skin from environmental damage.


For Men series is created keeping in mind that mens’ skin tends to be a bit thicker and requires special care. This series has a unique musky and woody perfume. 

Produced by
AS Chemi-Pharm
Harju maakond, Saku vald
Tänassilma küla, 76406
Tänassilma tee 11
Estonia EU
VAT EE100310771
E-mail: [email protected]

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