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We have proved that natural ingredients DO have anti-ageing power. Plant derived stem cells signal our own cells to renew, they are wonderful energy boosters that keep our skin tone and elasticity. We have not stopped there: combining stem cells with a special bacteria to keep them alive, is where the true innovation lies!

5D line lets you discover true innovation and the key to a smooth and flawless skin. The right time to start using anti-ageing skincare products is when you look in the mirror and see that the tiny cute expression lines have turned into wrinkles and the contour of the face is no longer flawless. There is no right or wrong age for this, the time just comes one day.

D’DIFFERENCE Cell Innovation series is a result of 13 years of research and devotion from doctors and scientists all over the world. Look for our luxurious, delicately perfumed, fast-absorbing and easy to use serums, masks and powerful face and body products to indulge your skin every day. You will be delighted to see that step by step it is possible to turn back time.

Explore the 5D Effect


Magic cocktail of plant stem cells and living organisms.

It has been difficult to achieve anti-aging properties with natural ingredients. We discovered that by stimulating both collagen and elastin synthesis, and the renewal of skin cells, plant stem cells decrease the depth and length of wrinkles and prevent the formation of new wrinkles, firming the skin. 

The plant-derived stem cells extract is processed in a way that all valuable properties of stem cells have been retained. Our unique soybean and rice bran extracts, together with bacillus subtilis natto (a salt-free soy-producing fungus) stimulates healthy collagen and elastin production.

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HYDRESIA® emulsion* consists of natural oleosomes from safflower seeds, and its function is to retain the healthy level of moisture and nutrients in the skin.

*ECOCERT Approved


A cocktail of natural oils and squalane helps to protect the skin by providing nourishment. We use almond oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and grape seed oil. Natural oils are rich in vitamins and are safe to use.


Unlike animal silk proteins that come from the cocoons of silkworms, vegan silk polypeptides are derived from sugar beet and cane sugar plants.

Silk polypeptides protect the skin’s barrier function and help to seal in moisture, and stabilize active ingredients so they can work harder.


The skin has a natural acidity level that helps to protect it from harmful microbes and free radicals. Our products work on balancing the skin’s pH, so its protective barrier is better preserved and it stays healthy and looks glowing. 

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Reward yourself with 20% off
one order when joining our
Skin Guardians email list.*

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