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  • D'DIFFERENCE loyalty program models
    1 point for every € spent. Newsletter once a month.


    Join and earn points with each purchase.

  • 1 point for every € spent. Newsletter once a month.

    Skin Guardian Club

    Join and earn points with each purchase. 


To show how much we appreciate you trusting our products for your daily skincare, we’ve decided to create a loyalty program just for you.

When making a purchase, we will  give you points for every euro spent. These points can be used to get discounts on future purchases. You can use the points every time you shop or save them up over multiple purchases. Additionally, there are ways to earn extra points through different activities.

Point System:

  • For the purchase amount — 1€ = 1 point
  • For discounts — 100 points = 10€

As of April 17, 2017, all products priced up to 12€ have a 5% limit when redeeming points.

You can earn extra points as follows:

  1. Receive an instant 50 points for registering as a user.
  2. Registered users will join Skin Guardian Club and receive a one time discount of 20%. (Valid only for one-time subscription from one email address.)
  • Note: The user must be logged in to subscribe to the newsletter.
  1. If you really like one of our products and take the time to share your emotions in the form of a product review, we will also gift you 50 points.

Important Notes:

  • Only registered users can collect and use points. You must always be logged in to use points. You can also view the status of your accumulated and used points from your user account.
  • Points cannot be used in conjunction with discount codes.
  • Points cannot be collected when buying products that are already on special discount (e.g., Domina Elegans, Clearance Corner).

Become a Skin Guardian

Newsletters reach you every month. See you soon!

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