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The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry introduced its newly published book Leading Brands of Estonia. The book brings together the brands of 50 Estonian companies with the aim is to introduce Estonia as a country with innovative and developed economy and to promote our businesses. 

“Estonia has many products and services, which we are proud to present to the world. In addition to the much talked about fresh air and pristine nature, we have successful haute couture, our design is of world class, our pianos are among the best in the world, our wooden houses are conquering the markets near and far, and nobody doubts the deliciousness of Estonian food. Being a leading business organisation, it is our mission to introduce our successful companies abroad and facilitate their promotion,” said Mait Palts, director general of the organization.

The following criteria were used for selecting the companies and brands:
– a brand has been created in Estonia and it has a recognisably Estonian origin,
– a brand is widely known in Estonia,
– a brand is positioned as an Estonian brand,
– a brand has export potential or is already internationally used.

The book is distributed to foreign embassies, ministries and other organisations that introduce Estonian companies, and a portion of the books will be sold as a gift book. This book is an excellent gift for guests from abroad to introduce Estonian businesses.
Overview of all the brands can be found here http://www.koda.ee/en/chamber-of-commerce/news/?id=26322
The contents of the book are revealed here: https://issuu.com/kaubanduskoda/docs/leading_brands_of_estonia_sisu_issu_22a5d3834f6d3f