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D’DIFFERENCE® is a registered trademark. 

The D’DIFFERENCE®  trademark is a unique  combination of words and design elements that distinguishes our skincare products from those of other companies. For our skincare brand, the trademark represents the identity, values, and quality that we offer to our customers. It serves as a promise of clean beauty, scientific approach and very high production standards. 

Why is D’DIFFERENCE trademark protected?

  1. Brand Recognition: Our trademark helps customers quickly identify and differentiate our skincare products from those of other brands in the competitive marketplace. It ensures that our customers can easily find and choose our products, knowing they are purchasing a genuine item from our brand.

  2. Protection against Infringement: By registering our trademark, we have exclusive rights to its use within the United States and the European Union, helping to protect our brand and products from unauthorized imitation or infringement. This legal protection allows us to take action against any party that attempts to use our trademark or a similar mark without permission.

  3. Quality Assurance: Our trademark symbolizes the high-quality skincare products, education about ingredients and excellent customer service that we strive to provide. It assures our customers that they can trust in the efficacy and safety of our products, as we maintain strict quality control measures and uphold our commitment to delivering the best skincare solutions.

  4. Brand Reputation: The consistent use of D’DIFFERENCE trademark across all our products, packaging, marketing materials, and digital platforms helps to build and maintain a strong reputation for our skincare brand. Our trademark represents the dedication, passion, and expertise that goes into the development and production of our skincare products.

By protecting and promoting our trademark, we are able to consistently deliver exceptional skincare solutions to our valued customers.

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AS Chemi-Pharm
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Tänassilma küla, 76406
Tänassilma tee 11
Estonia EU
VAT EE100310771
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