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Tallinn Design House presented a collection of Estonian design brands

Tallinn Design House (TDH) brandbook offers a comprehensive overview of Estonian designer brands represented in Tallinn Design House.

The book also tells the story of Tallinn, hometown of Tallinn Design House and about Estonia, our beautiful country. As a bonus, a CD of specially-selected new Estonian music is included, which complements the visual experience.

All the brands in the book have
an instantly recognizable style, which is widely based on Estonian cultural heritage and unique interpretation of contemporary design. We hope that their story will gain recognition among both design professionals and general public.
The brandbook’s unique design enables to add additional pages and content at a later date. We hope the book promotes Estonian design philosophy and helps designers to enter new export markets.

Tallinn Design House – 
the embassy of Estonian designer brands!

This brandbook is supported by the European Regional Development Fund / creative industries development measure.

Tallinn Design House brandbook is available at our store Rotermann 14 and in the webstore

Produced by
AS Chemi-Pharm
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