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Summer & your skin – do you need fewer or more skincare products?

Summer is a sacred time for Estonians – finally, it’s warm and bright outside, holidays are on the horizon. Most importanty it isn’t cold upon stepping outside. We often live with the idea that less is more, giving up on many products which seem indispensable in other seasons.

Our D’DIFFERENCE product development team thinks of creating natural cosmetics in a more pedantic way. We believe the more benefits we can put into one product, the better. This logic has always driven us, because we believe that the main idea of a brand created by a doctor should be to help people.

This summer we launched two new products. The 6D ADVANCED PERFECTION PRIMER is an instantly cooling and skin-smoothing oil-free face gel.

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The 6D TINTED GLOW BALM SPF 25 is a day cream in two different shades that gives the skin a beautiful tone, hides imperfections, and protects against harmful sunlight in the summer.

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The story behind these products is extremely different and quite exciting. Both are the kind that perform several different functions. The first was born in a year, and the second we prepared, changed and tested for 4 years!

What do these products do in the summer and why should you use them?


The 6D ADVANCED PERFECTION PRIMER is an oil and silicone-free cooling face gel that makes the skin smooth, fresh, and soft and offers long-lasting moisturizing. You can use it both under makeup and apply it on makeup-free days in your morning facial ritual.

Your skin will be toned and nourished with two main components:

It’s suitable for everyone, because its lightness, cooling effect. Smaller pores, and matte skin surface make the face irresistable and pleasant that you don’t even want to put down the mirror! Everyone who has tried it so far unanimously says that their makeup has never been beautiful and flawless. The product is suitable for every age and skin type. Often products with the word “primer” in the name contain silicones and substances unnecessary for the good functioning of the skin. Our product is 93% natural and silicone-free. Yet silicones make the skin surface very smooth. They prevent makeup products from “sinking” into wrinkles. Thanks to the development of the cosmetics world, it is now possible to achieve the same result without disturbing the skin’s natural barrier.


The 6D TINTED GLOW BALM SPF 25 leaves a beautiful glow on the skin, not an oily shine. It hides all small spots and pimples. This BB cream has been developed and “tuned” for 4 years because we wanted a cream that would offer great coverage but would not be powdery and dry. It gives the skin a beautiful glow and a “healthy” complexion. All that without settkung into lines and wrinkles by the end of the day.

The 6D Tinted Glow Balm contains the best parts of active ingredients – niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, squalane, and patented HYDRESIA® emulsion. The product does not clog pores and is also suitable for problematic skin.

In Estonian summer, unless you have a beach day, sports day, or are working in the garden, SPF25 offers good protection against UVA and UVB rays. If you’re outside for a long time, I recommend using specific sun protection creams, emulsions, oils, etc., with a factor of 50. I suggest using cream in the morning is not enough. Sunscreen needs to be renewed during the day. Apply at least the length of two fingers of cream to your face, neck, and décolleté.

The products are dermatologically tested and vegan, with minimal fragrances and support the skin’s natural protective layer.

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Reward yourself with 20% off
one order when joining our
Skin Guardians email list.*

* Limited to one promotional code per order. Valid on orders over $50.

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