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Skin care for men

Traditionally, the men use skincare products only when there is a problem – skin is too dry, there is redness and scaling or the skin is oily, has pimples and acne. As men’s skin is more thick in structure than women’s skin, in seven cases out of ten there are no visible or tangible problems. Thus, the wide range of beauty arsenal leaves the men indifferent and the shelves upon shelves of products wait for the women to take them home for their partners. That is not a bad thing either, as relying on my vast experience and when looking around among my acquaintances, I see more and more men who like to use skincare products after women have brought them home, and they often acknowledge and feel the difference, with or without the cream.


Even if you cannot see or feel it, we can be „grateful“ to our climate for almost every person’s skin at this hemisphere has a low moisture level. This is because of the constant wind, humidity and indoor heating. Thanks to the thicker structure, the skin’s natural protective barrier for men is stronger and when the women are already complaining about lines and wrinkles, the men don’t even have a line on their forehead or between their eyebrows. Here comes my first advice – it is always easier to preserve and maintain than to change and fix. In order to keep yourself oblivious to worries with skin and a tired complexion, here are a couple of basic truths for you to follow.


Washing your face in the morning and in the evening (also after working out) is crucial. Cleaning the skin keeps the pores from clogging and the pimple invasion that would follow it away. Without washing, the skin also forms an annoying gloss because of the excretion of toxins.

WHAT TO OBSERVE: Although your skin is thicker, there might still be a lack of moisture in it. While choosing your cleansing gel, make sure that it doesn’t contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) substances. Both of them form a thick and soft foam but they also dry and irritate the skin. Much better alternatives for these cheap ingredients are betaine and glucosides. HOW TO BE SURE? Many manufacturers write on the product that it doesn’t include one or the other ingredient. If you are at the shop, ask the salesperson for advice. The third place to get information from is the INCI list (the list of ingredients on the product).

WE RECOMMEND: D’DIFFERENCE 2in1 Face Wash&Shaving Gel – A two in one product that cleanses the face really well, retains moisture, decreases the possibility of pimple formation, and you can also shave with it!


If using cream is very strange to you, then start by spreading the aftershave balm also on your cheeks. If that feels nice, then choose a cream that suits you and enjoy the compliments that come from this change.

WHAT TO OBSERVE: The cream should contain only a few oils and many moisturizing ingredients. The best oil in men’s creams is the very light and packed with vitamins grapeseed oil. In case your skin is scaling, red and tight, we suggest you find products that are rich in argan oil, jojoba oil or shea butter.

The best hydrators are hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. The latter one being also a super soothing agent and quite ruthless to pimples. According to the latest research niacinamide also protects from blue light that surrounds us via phones, TV, computers and other screens.

HOW MUCH CREAM TO APPLY: Follow the manufacturer’s advice but 1-2 pumps should be enough. Yes, we know that you like to pump 3-4 times but that is quite unnecessary.

WE RECOMMEND: Creams that have a longer moisturizing effect are the best. D’DIFFERENCE 4D Moisturizing Day Cream contains 24h moisturizing substance compound, absorbs instantly and doesn’t stick at all.


This section is voluntary but I can claim with certainty that computer and phone screens cause visible signs of tiredness around the eyes. There has recently also been more talk about the damage of blue light to skin on an even broader basis. Niacinamide and antioxidants are the best solution for skin protection against blue light.

WHAT TO DO: One good eye cream decreases the signs of tiredness and darkness around the eyes. An eye cream should definitely be without perfume, packed with active ingredients (peptides and hyaluronic acid) and quick absorbing.

WHEN AND HOW TO USE? Use in the morning and apply half a pump. There is no need to rub, use your ring finger to apply the cream under your eyes and then press or tap lightly.

WE RECOMMEND: D´DIFFERENCE 4D Rescue Eye Cream – A cream developed in cooperation with an ER Doctor in Estonia who was looking for a product that would even out signs of tiredness after a night shift. This cream is rich in peptides, and is so efficient that the women will nearly always be stealing it from the men. But you are not jealous, are you?


Sometimes you could use a peel on your face. Let’s say, once a week. Believe me, it makes you feel refreshed! Cleanliness, freshness and smoothness that no cream or wash gel can give you. If you have inflammation or pimples on your skin, your best peeling creams are with acids, apply them evenly on your skin and leave „to work“ for 3-7 minutes. Do not rub or massage. Wash off with gentle movements after the recommended time. It makes all the difference!

Masks and serums. Strictly voluntary but efficient. Use a mask when you need to look especially refreshed, and the serum when the wash gel and the cream still leave the sensation of dryness and tightness on your skin. The serum goes under the cream. It is quick absorbing and doesn’t stick at all.

Carmen Kibur D’DIFFERENCE Brand Manager

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Reward yourself with 20% off
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