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Q & A about the newest Eye Serum

How to care for the skin around the eyes, what are the key activities and key products?

These 3 factors are important: assessment of the situation, cleaning of the skin, choice of product and care technique.

By evaluating the situation, I mean that you shouldn’t think about your age, but rather about the result you want to achieve. The condition of the skin depends more on external (environment, lifestyle, habits) and internal (mindset, amount of stress, genes) factors than on the number in the passport.

Cleansing the skin is the number one thing when it comes to beautiful skin. It’s much easier for serums and creams to exercise their power if they don’t have to force through a layer of grease, makeup and residues.

The choice of product and care technique means that when we consider the thickness of the skin around the eyes (the epidermis around the eyes is as thick as a sheet of paper), I recommend applying the product to the skin with the fourth or the ring finger and dabbing rather than rubbing. When selecting products, I recommend making sure that moisturizing substances (hyaluronic acid, aloe, herbal waters) and active substances (peptides, vitamins and minerals) make up the largest proportion, and oils and vegetable butters the smallest. The eye product should be fragrance-free, light in composition and quickly absorbing.

What should you definitely avoid when talking about the skin around the eyes? What are the main mistakes women tend to make?

I want women to stress less – we have a lot of anxieties when it comes to skincare. We try to stick strictly to the instructions and times of use because we are afraid of making mistakes. Many scary stories are telling us that creams seep into the bloodstream and therefore everything must be very natural… but skincare is not medicine and cream is not a pill! The maximum reach of creams and serums is the junction of the epidermis and the dermis. Blood vessels are located in the dermis, so there is no need to worry if your skin is not damaged. It is very important to find yourself a suitable product. Sometimes it ends up being quite a journey but sample packs and professional experts help. If you like something and it suits you, feel free to experiment, on some days use the product more and on other days less. Try the effect of your favourite night cream also during the day. Be curious and play around 😊

If you asked me, I would say that if you have problems with your skin – irritation, redness, sensitivity, then reduce the number of products to a minimum and give your skin peace. Many people experiment with too many different products and drive their skin crazy. Our skin is a large and slow organ, sometimes it takes several months and several cans of product to achieve results and notice changes. We can do ourselves a disservice by being impatient.

To be more specific, what can be done in case of the following problems:

Under-eye swelling

If the swelling is hereditary, then a cream will not help. If you have long working days or lively parties, give up applying eye cream in the evening! The lymphatic system tries to work hard during sleep hours and the cream that you apply around your eyes in the evening in good faith ends up being an additional burden on it. To moisturize the skin in the morning, use a serum and a good cream that has caffeine or Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) extract or some cornflower and cucumber. Holding a cold spoon on the skin also helps. Ice cubes are good but they should be held on the skin being wrapped into a thin cloth.


There are usually two points of view – those who love the wrinkles around the eyes and say that they reflect life, and others who try to keep the eye area smooth, first with creams and later with eye care devices, then injections and surgeries. As the skin around the eyes is very thin, it is the first place where wrinkles show themselves. Regardless of the view, the active substances that work the wrinkles most effectively are peptides, hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells, retinol and vitamin C. Also these extracts: Helichrysum, algae and milder acids. I also recommend applying essences, tonics and scrubs with milder acids on the cheekbones and the temples. Floral acids are the most gentle on the skin. They do not irritate but have an efficient smoothing effect and nicely increase the skin‘s moisture content.

Blue under-eyes

Quite a puzzle for creams. Darkness due to fatigue, illness, and exhaustion is workable. In this case, you get help from peptides and the stimulating caffeine, mulberry extract and a good massage – gentle patting with fingers, drumming, and light pinching. I also believe in face yoga exercises!

Drooping eyelids

Face yoga has a preventive effect, and if it has already become a concern, surgery gives good results. When it comes to creams, droopy eyelids cannot be lifted by the skin care active ingredients, no matter how much collagen and elastin production they can stimulate. However, there is one compound of substances that is more powerful than others. It consists of Persian silk tree extract (Albizia Julibrissin Extract) and darutoside, and tests have proven the ability to lift the eyelids by 20-90%! Many brands use this compound in their eye care products as does D’DIFFERENCE in eye creams, and according to customer feedback, the smoothing and firming effect of the creams is visible.

What ingredients should you look for in products, could there be help in food supplements, massage, masks, salon treatments, and all kinds of devices with LED light and whatnot? What are the tricks to use at home that might help? What do you think about different injections under the eyes? When is surgery the only thing that helps? – In short, pour all your knowledge here. 😊

Our self-confidence regarding our appearance fluctuates quite a lot – in March and April, I often find myself exploring new procedures. With a summer-tanned complexion and a more fun social life, you get the feeling that those early spring beauty surgery thoughts were completely in vain. In recent years, salon treatments have taken a long step forward – the results of LED light treatment are praised by many who have tried it. There are also other non-invasive innovative treatments – effective peelings, the HIFU method, and vector lifting. I recommend starting gradually, moving on from non-invasive procedures but supporting everything with a good massage, face yoga and daily home care. Biorevitalization, injections, botox and cosmetic surgery – they all give results and take years off your appearance but you can almost always tell that something has been done to your face. If there are big bags under the eyes or the eyelid is drooping, I believe that surgery is most effective but to keep the skin fresh and smooth, you don’t have to go that far. My masseuse said that after the injection and facial threading, you can’t do a deep massage of the facial muscles for at least half a year… this holds me back for sure because a natural look is more important to me than smoothness, and if one spot gets smoothed out, other imperfections seem greater. The 3 thoughts that keep me away from the syringe come from the Greek, Anu Saagim and Merle Palmiste:

  1. „Forget about the time and the time forgets about you.“
  2. „Getting old sucks but it is the only way to live a long life.“
  3. „A person is old when they last laughed 10 years ago“

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Reward yourself with 20% off
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Skin Guardians email list.*

* Limited to one promotional code per order. Valid on orders over $50.

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