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As I “live and breathe” skincare, I come across all kinds of questions related to this subject. A lot of people are becoming more and more curious about the big theme called natural cosmetics and I have decided to answer some of the most common myths around it.

Myth #1 Natural cosmetics are not suitable for everybody
TRUTH. Talking to women, I often come across the opinion, that natrual skincare solves all problems and must be suitable for everybody. The truth is that when we look at the creams that doctors recommend for severe skin problems (such as extreme dryness, flaking, dermatitis etc), those consist of synthetic components-mineral oils, silicones, PEGs, with some added glycerin or Propylene Glycol. The above mentioned components are in most cases excluded from the receipies of natural brands. Why is it so controversial? Natural components are natural and a lot of the oils for example are essential oils, and therefore allergic for some people – rose, lavendel, rosemary, sage are only some examples. Synthetic components solve the problems on the surface of the skin quickly, but do not lose your attention – this is superficial and not long lasting. When used for a long time, a lot of those components start to „steal“ skin`s own moisture and harm skins natural defence barrier. How to act and what should we do? I say listen to your body and use common sense – for example when you spot small red dots on your skin after eating one too many manadarines or strawberries, then before buying a cream with vitamin C or oils from citruses inside, ask for a sample or a test product, It is quite common that when the natural component is not suitable for someone, the reactions come within a week. Synthetics do not cause visible reactions on the surface of the skin, but are somewhat harmful when used long term. For better understanding I will bring food back to the „game“ – when you eat plenty of strawberries or mandarines you can have spots, eating soft cake that stays „fresh“ for 1-2 years, you do not have visible damage, but we all know what these cakes do to our body.

Myth #2 There are too few places where natural products are sold
FALSE. For purchasing natural brands you do not have to rely only on special stores. Big stores and e-shops open more and more special areas dedicated for natural cosmetics. When you are on the quest of finding a suitable brand, it would be good to be able to read the official ingredient list or INCI list, as products with good and reliable ingredients do not always „hide“ in the natural cosmetic department, and by the way, it is vice versa, as well. What you need to know about INCI is that the components are listed in descending order. When you read that a cream is all natural, but the natural components are at the end of the list, then it is not a natural product. The other thing to pay attention to, is finding products where as many names in the INCI are those that you know and understand. If possible avoid parabens, SLS substances, PEGs, (PEG+number), dimethicone (silicone base oil), synthetic alcohols (they begin with benzyl –, butyl-, isopropyl-), paraffin. The list gives only a short overview, but still it is a beginning

Myth #3 Natural cosmetics are not natural
FALSE, but we cannot speak in the name of all producers. What does this natural mean then? There are some definitions, but in general we can say that natural means ingredients that are derived from plant, animal or mineral sources, processed through basic physical methods or biological processes and do not contain synthetic fragrance, preservatives and colours.
Obviously it takes more for a cream to be a cream than just extracts – oil and water are „tied together“ by emulsifiers, there are thickeneres in the creams to give texture, binding agents, surfactants etc. These components usually have the names that confuse us and that is why the myth goes around. We are very lucky as in D’DIFFERENCE our star component is an active and also an emulgator – it is natural too! We do not need any extra emulgators. It is called HYDRESIA emulsion and we find it in the heart of all our products. A patented emulsion that consists of safflower oleosomes. Safflower is a desert plant and those resistant plants know how to stay alive in tough environment. They keep the water and nutrients and use them gradually. Safflowers have little reservoirs in the seeds, that are called oleoseomes. The oleosomes work in the creams as well – they release moisture and nutrients gradually, not all at once. We can say that our products are effective long term and have time-release system.

Myth #4 If You need to boost elasticity and minimize wrinkles, natural products are too „weak“
OFTEN. We hear people say that natural products are thick, smelly and work only on the surface of the skin. Women and also more and more men say that when you need to see the effect, look away from natural products. I agree that natural components need more time to show their potential and when a sagging contour is the first thing You notice in the morning, time is something You do not have. Vitamins A-and C, hyaluronic acids, peptides – are cosmeceuticals, that are powerful boosters of collagen and elastin production. Very often derived or synthetic, but not part of any prohibited substances lists. Something that is all natural, powerful and effective are the plant stem cells. These extracts are the best energy source for the stem cells produced in our skin. What are the stem cells? Theses are cells that are able to multiply. Products containing stem cells visibly rejuvenate skin, help to boost collagen and elastin production and boost our complexion, tone and colour. In D’DIFFERENCE Cell Innovation line, the plant stem cells are derived from soya beans and brown rice, united with special bacteria, to keep them fresh and „alive“.

Myth #5 Natural products have a narrow assortment
FALSE – Actually you have it all. The basics or basis of young and healthy skin is cleansing. All the good and expensive creams and serums need to „work“ longer and harder to give effect when the philosophy of cleaning the face every evening and morning is not something you are used to. There are very interesting new findings in this field. Lately Madara surprized with micellar water. Serums, masks and oils are in the „hot list“ as well, we see more and more of them coming. Of course the majority of natural brands have concentrated on body products but Phenomé from Poland and Lush from England have shown good quality and nice philosophy, a wide choice of different face products throughout the years.

Myth #6 Natural is expensive
FALSE Already my granny said that we are not rich enough to buy cheap things. My own observations show that since our products work with our own skin defense system and in order to strengthen the natural defence barrier, I use less products in quantity and they last longer. The same rules apply for skin care as for food and exercise – you glow when you treat yourself well!

by Carmen Kibur, the brand manager of D’DIFFERENCE

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Reward yourself with 20% off
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