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How to keep the skin bright through autumn and winter?

The number 1 thing is to CLEAN THE SKIN and it must be done in the morning and in the evening!

Classically, it is recommended to consider your skin type as a guide, but I disagree because there are so many good face wash gels now that do not dry nor irritate the skin. So I recommend this:

Milks and oils are suitable for cleansing if you don’t like to wash your face with water.

Gels, foams and texture-changing oil gels if you want to wash your face with water.

When you choose according to this preference, you will definitely clean your face more gladly and the routine can become an activity that you look forward to!

When the skin is clean, it needs to be balanced, and facial toners are best suited for this. Facial toner helps to balance the pH of the skin, and since the product stays on the skin, it helps to moisturize and often also soothes it. Recommendation: Apply the face wash to a damp cotton pad, as this way, you use much less of the product!

More information about cleaning the skin and finding the right products for you can be found in the article on our website: 

EXFOLIATING is important, but there are as many opinions about how often you should exfoliate as there are about the benefits or harms of coffee. My experience suggests this: exfoliate when your skin feels rough to the touch. You can feel it especially well on the forehead, where there are as if tiny grains of sand from time to time. For exfoliation, acid or enzyme exfoliators are best, which are applied to the skin like face masks and left to “eat” dirt and dead skin cells for 3-7 minutes. One such is the D’DIFFERENCE 5D Firming Faceglow Peel. For everyone who wants the exfoliator to have grains in it, I recommend choosing soft oil grains, like the D’DIFFERENCE 4D Delicate Smoothing Exfoliator. All kinds of stone crumbs, seeds and other minerals have sharp corners even when finely ground and cause micro-damages on the skin.


A mask is something you don’t use every day, but it can change your day! Let’s make it clear which type of mask and which skin type are best suited together:

  • Exfoliating masks are suitable for all skin types, especially mature skin with an uneven tone.
  • Peat and mud masks are suitable for impure and problematic skin that needs stimulation and invigoration.
  • Clay masks are suitable for oily and impure skin.
  • Cream masks are good for dry, scaly and skin prone to sensitivity.
  • Night masks are similar to cream masks and are suitable for dry skin.
  • Fabric masks and gel masks are also similar because the fabric of the mask is usually steeped with gel, they are designed to cool and refresh any skin.
  • Masks that change the texture (the gel turns into a foam), due to their fast effect, are suitable for any skin type that needs to remove signs of fatigue.

The job of a face mask is to quickly boost and help the skin, solve some problems and give visible results. This can happen when the ingredients of the mask include effective active agents and their concentration is higher than in the cream. It is very important to choose a mask according to the condition of the skin and the desired result. A clay mask does not work well on reddened and rough skin, delicate skin can become red and tingling due to the acid-rich mask.

A longer story about masks on our website:

The best texture mask that gives an immediate effect is D’DIFFERENCE 5D Golden Beauty Face mask.


Serums are a hot topic! And it needs to be this way because the serum is often the small but powerful magic wand that gives the cream extra power and makes the skin look “alive”. The most common question concerning serums is – do I have to use cream if I have a serum? YES, you must! The serum is like lingerie and the cream is like an outer garment – one shapes and strengthens, the other covers and protects. Another question about serums – do you apply it before or after the cream? Always apply the serum before the cream, let it absorb and then apply the cream. The third most common question – when and how often to use it? I recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions for use and your own intuition. D’DIFFERENCE serums are based on water (H2O) and active agents and are free of additives, therefore, I dare to recommend using them every morning and evening to provide a quick and effective boost to the skin. During early autumn, the 5D Rejuvenating Face Serum is the best. It contains 4 hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights, which keep the skin’s moisture level high and prevent the autumn winds from teasing the skin.


Trying to choose and find a good cream is difficult, to say the least. I would like to listen to my friend’s recommendations very much, but her skin is different from mine. I really want to trust the sellers, but going to the store is a hassle. Product reviews come in handy, but who’s to say they’re honest?

Mina soovitan alustada sellest, et unustage oma vanus, vaadake peeglisse ning mõelge, millist tulemust te kreemilt ootate. Kui meik ei püsi ja muutub laiguliseks, on teie nahas vähe niiskust. Kui jume on ebaühtlane ja nahk on kare, on selles vähe toitaineid ning nahk on kuiv. Rasust nahka katab läige ja kimbutavad punnid ning laiad poorid, rasuses nahas on kindlasti vähe niiskust. Kui nahk tujutseb ja jonnib, kipub punetama ja kreemid imenduda ei taha, on teie nahk tundlik. Vananeva naha tunnustega on vist kursis kõik J

Anyone can have these different concerns, at different stages of life and at different times of the year. Skin sensitivity and lack of moisture crave the fastest solution. To overcome this concern, you need time and patience and the D’DIFFERENCE 4D Anti-Redness Face Cream. This cream repairs your skin’s protective layer and makes your skin strong!

Author of the article

Carmen Kibur D’DIFFERENCE Brand Manager

Translation by Kelli Püss

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