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Why do signs of aging and fatigue appear foremost in the eye area?

The outer layer of skin or the epidermis is just 0,05 mm thick on the eyelids and only a bit thicker under the eyes. Just by that fact alone, all of the lines, wrinkles and signs of fatigue appearing around the eyes are seen immediately. It also doesn’t help that the eye area, for most women, is the part that gets the most makeup application and as the makeup is removed and washed off, the skin often gets torn too much. My tip for effective eye makeup removal is this – I take 2 cotton pads and moisten them with water, squeeze out the excess water, apply some makeup removal liquid on the cotton pads and place them on my eyelids for about 30 seconds. The makeup “melts” away and then it’s easy, speedy and convenient, with a clean cotton pad, to remove the remaining residue by moving from top to bottom, from the outer part of the eye to the innermost. This makes sure the skin isn’t excessively tugged at.

Does an unhealthy lifestyle, smoking and health issues also affect the appearance of the eye area?

So they say, but I know quite a few middle aged smokers, who look fresh as daisies and at the same time there are some younger women, who struggle with lines and wrinkles. I believe, that one concrete rule doesn’t apply. A young healthy organism can manage on it’s own just fine, but the duration of it is another issue that depends on many factors, including genes. The reason why it can sometimes be difficult to remove the signs of fatigue from the face in the morning, is that because of the efficiency of the processes that happen under the skin.  Residues start to build up in tissues caused by the body’s natural aging process, loss of elasticity and loosening of the skin. Fats also deposit and this is the reason for the infamous puffy bags under the eyes, that not much could be done with, except for surgical intervention. Creams and serums relieve only temporary tiredness signs.

Eyes need to bear a number of other hardships as well: bright lights in offices and shops, flyaway dust, pollution and dry indoors air, harsh sunlight, glowing mobile and computer screens, excess liquid intake during the evening, foods rich in sodium, sleep deprivation, stress and much more.

Distinct anatomical features (deep eye sockets) also have a role to play. The more you burden the gentle skin around the eyes with poor lifestyle choices and pollution, the weaker skin’s elasticity gets.

Can the usage of unsuitable eyecare or putting on excessive amounts of cream make your eyes look tired?

When a cream makes the eyes swell up, it shouldn’t be used too close to the mucous membrane of the eye and it certainly shouldn’t be put on the moving lid, which already produces a large amount of sebum. The golden rule here is that it’s better to put on a lesser amount, than overwhelm the eyes with too much cream. Limit the usage of cream to just mornings and when applying, pat it on with the so-called ring finger or your third finger (it has the softest touch!) on your cheekbone – where the charming expression lines reside. It’s also beneficial to look for eye  products with a low oil content. Creams and serums containing caffeine, peptides, vitamin C, cornflower and cucumber extract reduce puffiness. During the evening, a good serum could  be applied, for example one containing hyaluronic acid, as it is found in skin’s own structure, it doesn’t irritate the delicate skin around the eye. In addition to many of the above mentioned ingredients, the D’DIFFERENCE eye creams also contain the Persian silk tree extract, that fights collagen stiffness and retains the skin’s elasticity and also Hypericum or St. John’s wort extract, that helps reduce swelling.

Under no condition, use products containing mineral oil, this substance guarantees puffy skin.  Also look out for Bismuth Oxychloride on the ingredient list (INCl list on the package). This is used to give the ‘glow’ effect in creams and makeup products and is a possible allergen.

Should eye exercises, eye compress and vitamins be taken to get a brighter eye?

Certainly! Youtube offers a variety of examples, just search by the keyword face yoga. Like cellulite can’t be conquered solely by using lotions, signs of fatigue can’t be get rid of just by applying loads of products. Exercises and a couple of good massage techniques go a long way.

Creams offer moisture and extra elasticity for drying tissues and bones caused by aging, but it’s not enough to keep the skin looking forever young.

I recommend herbal compresses to lift up the eye area. Fresh cucumber and potato will refresh the skin, but it should be made sure of that the produce is ecologically cultivated. Ice cubes work also. There is a lot of talk about chamomile as well, it has a calming effect and is anti-inflammatory, but it could  be an allergen to some. Those who have a certain level of intolerance to some natural component, will notice it from the fact that being close to that certain plant, the mucous membrane of the eye will start to feel itchy. Just like the whole body, eyes need vitamins and minerals to properly function.

To keep the sight sharp it is recommended to take vitamin A, that is found in carrots and blueberries. Vitamin C plays an important role in collagen and elastin production, thanks to which,  the skin has more elasticity and will look more toned, preventing the appearance of  wrinkles and lines. Vitamin E has nourishing and anti-aging properties and vitamin B decreases dryness and roughness, reduces redness and irritation.

Author of the article: Carmen Kibur, D’DIFFERENCE brand manager

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