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Orchid Photo by Aigar Lusti © Orchid Photo by Aigar Lusti © Orchid Photo by Aigar Lusti ©

Lonely Planet, the largest travel guidebook publisher in the world, has ranked Estonia as the number one best value destination for 2016.

The idea of Organic Estonia won the grant of the Development Idea competition organised by the Estonian Development Fund in 2015. Let´s find out from one of the authors, entrepreneur Siim Kabrits, how the idea of Organic Estonia was born and what it contains.
“Organic Estonia refers to a state which values clean food and a free natural state of being. Half of the Estonian territory is covered in forest, which, as our forests are all naturally grown. Hence the produce of our forests is actually already organic. Organic Estonia is also in tune with the global trend of appreciating a sustainable and environmentally aware organic way of thinking,” says Kabrits.
“As Estonians we have managed to preserve the know-how of our forefathers, our rich traditional culture. On a grassroots level our way of thinking and our values are organic anyway. The organic way of life benefits everyone, it offers the best chance for a successful future, the key to ensuring the health and wellbeing of generations to come.”*

The idea of Organic Estonia stands on four pillars: FOREST, FOOD, COSMETICS and TOURISM. We hereby offer a link to the full article on an eye-catching and useful web-site that houses information about us and our country for those of you who would like to visit, studywork or invest here!

*The above text is a reference from the article:

Besides being curious and hard-working, we like to relax and feel at ease. If you like quizes and feel playful, you can find your deepEST roots with the Estonian Myth Quiz:

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