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The scope of the test is to evaluate the irritation potential on the skin, under the control of a dermatologist.
It is recommended by SCCNFP/0068/98 as a significant tool for the safety assessor. It is recommended to undertake compatibility testing on a number of human volunteers before the product is finally marketed.

The principle of the test is the application of the test product on the skin of the back of adult volunteers, women and men at the age of 20-70. The product is kept in contact with the skin for 48hrs under occlusive patch. The clinical observation of the effects is carried out by a dermatologist after withdrawal of the patch. The ranking of the irritant potential is assessed according to a determined numerical scale depending on the irritation observed; ranking varies between:

Not irritant, very slightly irritant, slightly irritant, moderately irritant, irritant and very irritant.

All our products were found not irritant!

No signs of dryness, scaling, erythema and oedema were registered.

The tests were made in the group between 12-30 people, depending on the product, and they had different skin types and skin conditions, including sensitiive skin.

We are very proud and feel a new horizon has been reached and conquered!